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At Arti-Infi, I provide a highly customizable and personalized art experience. I understand that finding the perfect artwork can feel overwhelming, but I'm here to simplify the process for you.

Here's what you need to know before filling out the commission form:


Sensitive material: I do not create deepfakes, explicit sexual content, or graphic gore. 


Portraits and Likenesses: I do not offer direct portraits or self-portraits. We can explore alternative styles that reflect your personality.

Characters and public figures: while I can create artwork featuring famous people, places and/or popular characters, please be aware that the final artwork may not precisely replicate the character as you know them. Achieving a perfect likeness may be challenging and due to this, your commission request may be denied if I don't think I can deliver a high quality product.


Managing Expectations: AI-generated artwork is dynamic and collaborative. The final output may not precisely match your concept, but trust in my expertise and the capabilities of AI art to exceed expectations.


Preferred Artwork Size (in inches): While providing precise dimensions can be beneficial, it is entirely acceptable to offer an approximate size preference. I am here to assist you further once you provide a general idea of the size you require.


Please note: Common sizes such as 5x7, 11x14, 16x20 etc. will be much more affordable than custom sizes. 

Description of the Commission: Subjects, settings, style, mood, colors or elements you'd like to include and/or important details or references to consider.​


Additional Instructions or Notes:

Any other important information regarding your commission.

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